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Immigrants in New England: An Old American Tradition

This Traveling Welcoming Photo Exhibition by Mario Quiroz reflects immigrants' Contributions to Massachusetts.

Read more to see the dates and locations where this exhibit has been, including FRAMINGHAMFITCHBURGJAMAICA PLAIN, and other areas in Massachusetts.

Photographer Mario Quiroz traveled through Massachusetts and shot 35 rolls of black and white film documenting immigrants who wanted to share their images and stories with the people of MA.


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"Art can bring a positive light to an issue that is present in every aspect of all our lives," Quiroz says. "We're talking about friends, neighbors, business partners, schoolmates, and members of our religious organizations. The subjects of these pictures believe that through photography they can deliver a message about their virtues and talents."

The opening receptions for the exhibit have been co-sponsored by Welcoming Massachusetts and their local committees and partners combining music, food and stories of immigrants on a conversation with the artist and the community.

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