Neighbors, Community leaders, business owners, people of all backgrounds; have gathered at numerous events to promote the importance of maintaining a united, integrated community. Businesses in Framingham have signed pledges in which they compromise to provide their services to people of all backgrounds, immigrants and non-immigrants alike. People have worked together to launch events that promote integration of all members of the community. Framingham is an example to follow showing the importance and the results of unifying diversity to create a welcoming environment for all. From community gatherings to artistic displays have promoted the Welcoming Framingham initiative.






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Mario Quiroz, presenting his Traveling Welcoming Exhibit tittled "Immigrants in New England: An Old American Tradition" to students at Framingham State University, Event that formed part of National Welcoming Week - The Gatepost, Framingham State University - Click Here to Read Full Article



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Welcoming supports and endorses all community events that bring
all people together - Members of the Welcoming Framingham committee at Framingham Downtown Renaissance providing information about our movement!







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Welcoming Framingham and Members of the Framingham Committee Celebrating the 2nd Annual Holiday Potluck.

Thanks to the Brazilian American Center in Framingham for hosting Welcoming on that very memorable night.